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Shipping Containers for Disaster Relief

Anyone interested in converting their dreams into reality will love what is being created now. The Container Project is a recently formed organization for social benefit that is refitting shipping containers as expandable disaster relief modules in a box.

The first container was just created in Chicago by an inspiring group of skilled and open- hearted volunteers in record time. With their simple plan of: “No one dies, no one gets hurt, everyone has fun… get er’ done”, they managed to open both sides of a 48′ shipping container and convert it into a kitchen that can ship via, truck, rail, plane, river and sea. This impressive conversion included 2 pop-out sides that expand the container into a 25′ x 48′ commercial kitchen with the capacity to feed thousands of people per day.

Matt & David purchasing the 1st container in Chicago

Kitchen container frame modification begins

Kitchen container frame modification begins

Kokopaullie (of Sew Ops) welding the new floors

Kokopaullie (of Sew Ops) welding the new floors

They are now busy in Reno, Nevada building out sustainable potties, showers, holding tanks and residences in time for their first test run in the harsh desert environment 3 weeks from now. The debut for these containers is to support the infrastructure for a 500 person camp at the Burningman Festival called Entheon Village for 1 week of very dry, hot and inhospitable conditions for the 50 thousand person event near Gerlach Nevada at the end of this month.

Four 48' shipping containers stacked on their short ends and locked together as a 5 story highrise made of reclaimed materials.

Four 48' shipping containers stacked on their short ends and locked together as a 5 story residential structure made mostly of reclaimed materials.

The next round of decommissioned containers purchased from Tom at Container Sales have been dropped near Sparks, Nevada at a great family-owned trucking company called JC’s Express. This incredible family of owner operators has made it possible for The Container Project team to do what was previously considered to be impossible. Complete a 7 container conversion in two weeks. Already the Reno community is showing their true grit and creative leadership as a community of angels, McGuyvers and Rosie the Riveters.

It is their belief that “how” one responds to circumstances is the most important factor in successfully providing assistance, especially in large scale events that affect multiple communities. Their response to current world conditions is to develop and build a clever but simple design which can be created in adverse conditions. This design uses materials which are readily available in most any country, incorporating reclaimed and recycled materials at every chance. All of their designs are open-sourced and shared freely to all communities worldwide.

As The Container Project team creates and builds this design, they are also training their group in skills needed for rapid-response. The teamwork needed to build these units becomes the very framework in which each member learns about their own abilities and helps shape the confidence and attitude of responsibility ie: the ability to respond! They aim to respond in a supportive manner which inspires the affected community to utilize its current crisis as an opportunity to grow, nurture and unite themselves, rather than fall into an attitude of victimhood or despondency.

If this project interests you and you’d like to learn more about it, or if you’d like to come train with the team, they are in Reno at this point working hard and having fun. You can call 415-572-2877