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OFN connects with Dr. Schneider – Nobel Prize Winner

The Chicago Sun Times and Billboard Magazine both wrote an article called “Inaugural Rothbury Festival launches new regional event” The article had an excellent OFN qoute by Dr. Stephen Schneider, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning professor on Climate change and what he said was the the highlight of the festival for him; being able to connect Michael Kang, Our Future Now, co-founder with Focus the Nation and PG&E, all while watching Snoop Dog separate his trash and communicate with 10’s of thousands of kids.

It was an amazing time, being able to sit amongst a 3 stage 30,000+ person music festival in the middle of America and watch as a known musician has an intellectual and passionate conversation with a Nobel Prize winner that grows into real life, real time connections with leaders of PG&E, other professors, large scale event coordinators, Bio Fuel experts, and potential sponsors.

This was a culmination really of something I have believed in for many years and is actually practiced by Spiritual traditions around the world. That music has the power to open up both our hearts and our minds. And thus if we can combine a healthy dose of good music with some great thinkers. we may be able to make massive change both through the backstage connections and think tank conversations and through the dissemination of information to the party people themselves!

Read Dr. Schneiders complete qoute below:

“Dr. Stephen Schneider, a Nobel Peace Price-winning professor at Stanford University who curated the Think Tank, said he, too, was ‘‘very pleased with the energy in the room’’ at the sessions and was ‘‘confident’’ that their popularity would grow in future years. The most valuable part of Rothbury, he said, was being able to network its participants — for instance, hooking up musician Michael Kang of String Cheese Incident — who operates a non-governmental organization called Our Future Now — and members of the nonprofit Focus the Nation with Pacific Gas & Electric chief Robert Park for possible sponsorship opportunities and joint ventures.”

‘It’s great to get kids in a room all hyped up about sustainability,’’ said Schneider, who, along with his academic colleagues, was busy working the backstage area during the festival. ‘‘I’d like to have larger audiences, but on the other hand we’re spreading way beyond that and putting together communities that normally wouldn’t exist if they weren’t coming together in a place like this.’’

Schneider’s favorite anecdote of the weekend: watching rapper Snoop Dogg, ‘‘him, not his staff,’’ sorting the waste from his meal into separate bins for recycling, composting and landfill trash.

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Read the whole article here